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Tim Horton's Victory Tracker Wrap Up

Well, it looks like Roll Up The Rim is done for another year.

As you may have noticed from the giant graphic on the right side of the page, we have been keeping track of our victories on this site. Is that sad? Probably. Was it fun? Definitely.

Our final score: 9 for 65. That's right, a whopping 13.8 percent!
That's actually better than the posted odds (one-in-nine.)

We have officially beaten the odds! Take that Tim Hortons! We claimed an extra coffee-and-a-half that we shouldn't have won! WE WIN!

Now comes the point where we're confused as to how we should feel.
In once sense, we beat the odds, which is a great feeling.
In another sense, we bought way more coffee during Roll Up The Rim than we usually do. The fact that we fell for a corporate marketing plan so badly is pretty sad.

We're settling with feeling happy. Of course, the fact that we're pretty happy about winning free coffee is, in itself, a little sad.

However, like we've said before: winning free Tim Hortons' coffee is a great accomplishment for a Canadian. It's right up there with the Stanley Cup and free beer.
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  1. Pam said...

    The part I don't understand about the Rrroll up the Rrrim to win contest is that I have never known anyone (ANYONE) who won any of the "big" prizes that they advertise. Not so much as a grill amoungst all the avid coffee drinkers that I know in all the years this has been going on. who wins these things? Does ANYONE know anyone who won a $100 Timmies card or a bbq or a Venza??? ANYONE?

  2. Paul said...

    Fortunately, this year I was a whopping 3 for 1. I purchased 1 coffee and ended up winning 2 more. It was a good year. No big prizes, but 3 for 1 isn't bad.

  3. said...

    Paul, that's pretty impressive!

    Pam, every time I've ever heard of a winner (from an ad - never in person) they're always from a small town somewhere.
    Maybe I need to visit more small towns.

  4. freetheunicorns said...

    You beat me. I was 0 for 0.

  5. Fuck Face said...

    If it makes you feel any better Timmies turns me into a corporate whore and I got like 4 free coffee's for the hundred I bought.

    I bet nobody won the car, it's all a scam.


  6. VE said...

    I also went 0 for 0 this year. That gives me an incredible 47 consecutive years without a loss! Simply amazing...

  7. said...

    VE, you have reached the level we are all hoping to be at one day.

  8. Skye said...

    I may not be one to win Timmies coffee, but my oldest girl won something from Tim's a few years back. She was accepted to the Tim Horton's Childrens Camp in Kentucky. Not only is the whole camp experience free, but they also pay for the kids trip there, supply sleeping bags, pillows, duffel bags to haul their stuff, as well as Timmie Camp Shirts, tooth paste, shampoo and soap. All you have to do is supply yourself, clothes and a tooth brush, although they even have those for kids that forgot them! It was the best experience she's ever had in her life according to her. This was 7 years ago now, and she still talks about it and wishes she could go again!

  9. said...

    That sounds amazing!

  10. Ren said...

    I'm from near Windsor and know someone who won a laptop & another person was in the paper and won $10,000. So people do win.

    Last year, someone won a car at one of the Essex stores (a small town, so maybe that theory is right).

  11. misstfied said...

    As for me, no, I have never won anything (worth mentioning) thru Timmy's nor do I know of anyone who ever has. Granted, I'm sure there really are winners (as some others have stated above) but none that I know of personally. Oh, unless you want to call getting the jitters, not being able to sleep through the night and having a full bladder for days and days on end a prize, well, then yes, I guess you could call me a Timmy's 'Roll Up The Rim To Win' winner afterall. Wheee, talk about caffeine overload, lol.

  12. Maureen said...

    Oh I know who wins... the people who don't NEED to win.

    Like the doctor here at work who won the car.

    I am still green over that one. Dammit.

  13. said...

    misstfied, the over-caffination is the greatest prize of all.

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