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They're Insulted By Fox News

Not much needs to be said, except:

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  1. gilliebean said...

    Oh golly. I hadn't seen it but I think my fellow Canadians are getting all uppity over nothing. All of their "arguments" were based on fluff. There was nothing there at which to be offended. They were making a little fun! Just like they'd make a little fun of the head of the American military saying something unusual.

    Besides, Doug looks Canadian. I bet he was hiding something.

  2. Moe said...

    I am an American, married to a Canadian living in Canada and I am very offended by this. Yeah, maybe it was a fluff piece meant to be funny, but what you don't understand is the audience that watches FOX. Billy Bob down in Alabama will think it is true. There are so many Americans who know nothing of Canada that will believe it. While travelling in the states my husband has actually been asked if we have microwave ovens "up here". There are so many morons down there, this type of banter is dangerous. I think more Canadians should be outraged by this. Any idiot knows that the Canadian military does not maitain the border. If it wasn't for Bush and his war machine, Canada wouldn't need to be there. I guess someone forgot to tell these idiots that Canada is there BACKING the US up. Canada didn't start it.

  3. Dee said...

    Don't worry Moe, there are plenty, of Canadians who are offended and outraged by those comments. I'm one of them.

    This is why so many Canadians are proud to point out our differences from the US, as was stated on this site a while back..

  4. Moe said...

    I am new to the site and I love it! I laughed so hard about the Timmies RRRRROlllll Up The RRRRRimmmm! I will have to search further back for the other stories.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Normally I don't mind a little friendly canadian-bashing by the US, a la Simpsons or even South Park, but this was just above and beyond. I wanted to slap all of them. An operational break means no deployments, dumba$$. It means a year of training and planning and repairs, etc... it does not mean vacation.
    With allies like that, who needs enemys.

  6. said...

    I'm not against poking fun at Canada. We do it on this site all the time.
    But that Fox news thing wasn't funny. It wasn't witty or sarcastic or clever. It was just insulting.

  7. Asursomi said...

    All the rhetoric about Canada relying on the US for military protection is spouted by ignorants unaware of the historical context of the last 60 or so years.
    1st: We had a Cold War, (read up on it) with the US and Russia posturing both on land and on sea. Canada played a major role in the Atlantic, patrolling a northern boundary from Newfoundland/Labrador to Europe to keep the Russian and American military ships/subs from "running into each other" and starting WWIII (as requested and agreed upon by all 3 countries). Canada was "not allowed" to build up any sort of military (and in fact it was greatly decreased, after WWII) so as to not raise tensions/fears between Russia and the US - each worried that the other might exploit or take advantage of the buildup. Remember Russia is to the north and the US is to the south, (get a map).
    2nd: Canada did assist the US in Vietnam,with supplies (hardware/vehicle/etc.) a fact greatly downplayed by both Gov'ts for obvious reasons (the Canadian public did not support the war nor did they support returning "draft dodgers" and Canada was to be publicly seen as a "neutral" country).
    3rd: Canada did maintain a "Dew Line" in the north (from east to west coast) to detect and track aircraft flying from north to south (this was made obsolete in the 60's with new technology and more advanced aircraft, or maybe they've just updated it, who knows) - the US military has relied and does rely on, cooperation from the Canadian military (including playing "war games").
    4th: Canadian personnel have and do assist in American military research working both within Canadian as well as US companies. 5th: Canada has assisted the US military and CIA/FBI in research (using drugs on psychiatric patients in Quebec hospitals, spraying "Agent Orange" in New Brunswick forests and doing target practice in the North West Territories/Yukon to perfect air-to-ground missiles (the Canadian north best resembling the Russian terrain).
    And lastly... and oh I could so go on (but lets give 'er a rest, eh?), in the “new war on terror” there was the support and relief given freely by Canadians (firefighters, construction crews, policemen and everyday John and Josephine's) who headed south to New York city, who came of their own accord, to help and assist the mightiest nation in the world, crippled and in need, who came not as a massive, mighty army but instead as small bands of individuals with bare hands and big hearts to do what needed to be done...
    And all the Canadian airport personnel who scrambled and sweated to accommodate hundreds of US bound planes onto Canadian soil.
    You know, maybe somewhere in all this rhetoric there's a laugh or two (that's what Canadian's do best, eh? laugh at themselves?) but somewhere in all this rhetoric too, there's deep seated sarcasm simply masking a lot of plain old fashion bull***t. (that too, my friend, can easily be smelled out by a Canadian, eh., they've got a nose fer it.)

  8. steven said...

    I feel very sorry for all of you speaking about the CANADIAN military in this fashion....I am wondering why you are all looking so ugly and sounding 100x stupid stupid stupid...get over there with the rest of your FELLOW AMERICANS' and see what its really all about...have another toke assholes.

  9. Anonymous said...

    One Canadian to the offended Canadians...give it a rest. It's a joke!

    Besides, if you think about it, it is pretty stupid the idea of taking a one year sabbatical from a war. What are we going to do? Spend 6 months packing up and going home and then another six packing up and shipping out??

    Even stupider to say it publicly!?!

    Anyway, I'm Canadian...I was laughing...

  10. Anonymous said...

    While the FOX show was pretty tasteless (I'm sure that Rick Mercer was told not to comment-and Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert could have done something much better if they weren't on a break this week), the fact remains: What kind of idiot military official would make a public statement like that??? This General Leslie is apparently a highly-decorated soldier-maybe he should lose a stripe or two. If our military is that strapped (and I do not doubt that it is) YOU MAKE THAT STATEMENT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!!

  11. Anonymous said...

    What...the...hell were they just going on about? As an America, an even sorta patriotic American, we should somehow find a way to ban this sort of nonsense. Except...then there is that whole 1st amendment thing. Too bad.

    ...on another note, I love how the guy said that we (America) were "too wimpy" to invade Russia. Nice. Anyone else catch that? Out of all the randomly patriotic stuff, that was just odd. But funny. XD

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