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Canadians are a tricky people to distinguish. They are often able to blend into a society and appear to be American, British, French or any other number of nationalities. This site will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you recognize a Canadian no matter where you are.


This site is for entertainment purposes only. "How to Spot a Canadian" is filled with humour, satire, hyperbole, parody and sarcasm. All statements here should be taken with a grain of salt or a bottle of maple syrup, whatever the case may be.

They Can't Watch the New, Popular Ads During the Super Bowl

Last night millions of people from around the world tuned in to the Super Bowl. While Canadians have their own football league, the NFL is still quite popular in the True North Strong and Free, so the Super Bowl is still a very big event.

For many Americans the high point of the Super Bowl is not the football but the commercials. Every year large companies shell out millions of dollars creating new commercials that will air during the big game. The ads typically debut new products or feature well-known celebrities. Many of these commercials only air once, during the game, so if you miss the game then you miss the ads.

That's not true in Canada. When a Canadian network airs the Super Bowl they sell the ad space to Canadian advertisers. These Canadian ads are usually standard commercials that no one wants to see. Even if a Canadian can get a US broadcast of the game the ads are usually replaced with Canadian ads.

And so, while Americans are watching groundbreaking new ways to promote goods and services to the masses, Canadians are watching the same old thing.

Canadians are typically quite angry that they can't see the ads during the game. The CRTC even has an explanation for the different ads posted on their website.

It's easy to understand the Canadian point of view. Wouldn't you be upset if you had to watch the same old maple syrup ads and snow shovel commercials again and again while Americans are being introduced to new and better ways to sell cola and cars?

A good way to spot a Canadian is to reference a Super Bowl ad that was aired in the United States. The Canadian will typically go on a rant about how Canadians don't get to see the good commercials. This rant will continue for several minutes and usually degenerate into a diatribe about hockey. This is another good way to spot a Canadian. If you give them enough time to speak they will eventually turn any topic into a hockey conversation.

Note, due to the popularity of the Super Bowl ads there are now many websites that rebroadcast the commercials online. Internet savy Canadians will find these ads within hours of the game's conclusion. Once a Canadian finds the ads online you will need to focus your Canadian hunting techniques on how the person watched the ads, not whether or not they saw them.

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