How to Spot a Canadian

Tracking down Canadians one toque at a time.

About this Site...

Canadians are a tricky people to distinguish. They are often able to blend into a society and appear to be American, British, French or any other number of nationalities. This site will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you recognize a Canadian no matter where you are.


This site is for entertainment purposes only. "How to Spot a Canadian" is filled with humour, satire, hyperbole, parody and sarcasm. All statements here should be taken with a grain of salt or a bottle of maple syrup, whatever the case may be.

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  1. Canucklehead said...

    Yep - I like the site? Let's do the link exchange dealio. What say you? Leave me a message over at my place and we'll work it out.


  2. Sue said...

    Being Canadian is so much more than saying eh! I was just out for dinner and had to explain to some American tourists why there was so much tax added to the bill. I tried to convince them we pay the taxes so we can enjoy a great way of life up here in the great north. I don't think I convinced them but I was too polite to argue.

    You have a great site! Proud to be a Canadian!


  3. Southern Quebec said...

    How about some doggy goodness! Except on Fridays, when the cats take over. :)

    Have a good day, eh.

  4. LBJ said...

    Go Canada Go! Thanks for a great laugh.

    Cheers, LBJ

  5. Anonymous said...

    I second that "Go Canada Go!" My friend who lives in Vancouver let me know that the transit authorities lead people in a cheer of go canada go while they waited for the bus.

  6. George R. Bruce said...

    Check out the newly formed official homepage of Canadian humour columnist George R. Bruce!

  7. Canadian Coupons said...

    A couple from Ontario run a great blog with daily resources for free samples, mail coupons, printable coupons to save huge when shopping!

  8. Crapville said...

    Was just browsing around for different humor sites and came across how to spot a canadian. Liked the way it was setup and decided to compliment the site. Cheers

  9. peipie said...


    Over here in PEI (on PEI?), we have a blog about online dating, Plenty of Fish and the absurdity of relationships.


    Maybe you have a vacation story to share (when I was young, my family visited PEI, I met a girl, etc..) )

    - peipie

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