How to Spot a Canadian

Tracking down Canadians one toque at a time.

About this Site...

Canadians are a tricky people to distinguish. They are often able to blend into a society and appear to be American, British, French or any other number of nationalities. This site will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you recognize a Canadian no matter where you are.


This site is for entertainment purposes only. "How to Spot a Canadian" is filled with humour, satire, hyperbole, parody and sarcasm. All statements here should be taken with a grain of salt or a bottle of maple syrup, whatever the case may be.


Are you Canadian?

Yes. The creators and writers of are all proud Canadians.

Are you serious?

Everything written on is somewhat based upon facts. Then we take those facts, distort and twist them, and whatever comes out the other side ends up on the site. This site is for entertainment purposes and tries to be funny. Hopefully we succeed.

What is the point of this site? hopes to chronicle Canadian society, culture and history in a humourous, satirical way. The site is a meant to be a funny look at Canada from the eyes of someone who has never seen a real Canadian.

I'm from Canada and I'm not like the people you're talking about.

First, that's not really a question, it's a statement.
Second, there are many, many regions in Canada and all of them have different cultures and traditions. It would be impossible to make sweeping statements about the citizens of an entire country like we do and have them be entirely accurate. Again, the site is meant as a humourous look at Canadian culture.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us via email at or by commenting on any of the posts on this site.

I have any idea for How To Spot A Canadian! Can I send it to you?

Absolutely! We're always looking for new ideas. It's easier than thinking them up ourselves. If you'd like to share an idea with us you can reach us via email at


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